About the Hajisaurus

The nickname Haji is something I’ve had for a while. It was first given to me by my now-husband’s niece. His mother and step-father were finally getting married after a 9 year engagement, so the house where we lived with them was overwhelmed by relatives and well-wishers for a few days. Among them was his new step-sister and her family, including his niece. Since she was only two and the only little one around, we decided to give her some space to play in our upstairs bedroom. We had cool stuff like Spongebob DVDs, so we got along great. She could say his name just fine, but struggled with mine. For the time she hung out with us, my name was Haji, and it just stuck. Long after they went home to California, my then boyfriend, now husband would call me Haji. Add the standard dinosaur suffix and you have the Hajisaurus.

Adventures of an awkward girl IRL

I’m a thirty-something living with my husband and sons in the lovely state of Delaware. I spend my days trying to unravel the craziness in my brain, some of which ends up in posts here. I try to weave humor and insight into the day-to-day experience, as well as making peace with my abusive, white-trash upbringing. You’ll find posts on this, travel, photography, the occasional recipe and such. I’m glad you’ve come to read my blog. Leave a note, if you so desire. Thanks for stopping by.



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