This is the end, my friends. I’ve had a good long run on this little blog, and am forever grateful for everyone’s likes, readership and support. But, as I feared, the likelihood of finding additional free time, subject matter and desire to keep up with this project has dropped down to zero. I’m taking a break from the writing I held myself to for this blog, mostly because it stopped being fun and started to be something I didn’t look forward to doing. Looking back on the post history, I’ve gone through a lot in the years I’ve had this site up and running, and I think I’ve grown tremendously from it. I’m glad that I kept up for as long as I did, having the courage to face some of the stuff I was working through, and sharing it semi-anonymously online. I’m grateful for all my readers and am sad to let you down by closing down production. I feel like I’ve run out of things to say, so I will end here, on my final post. Thank you.

Much love,
The Hajisaurus