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When I was pregnant, to get me through the rough days, I promised myself that once I was done growing fetuses, I’d treat myself to a day of adulting. There’s a beer festival that a town not too far from where I live takes place, but it was always a weekend we were away at the beach. (Prime beach weekend for us was the weekend after labor day.)

So when a friend offered to watch the kids, if I ever wanted to, I happened to ask if she was free that weekend, because I’m not the person to turn down free child care, especially from my awesome friends. I didn’t expect her to be free (as childfree people often make plans to do stuff on weekends), but she was, and readily agreed once I told her where I wanted to go.

The stars aligned and the weather was sunny and beautiful. It was a lovely venue, outdoors over several historical homes’ backyards. There was music and food and plenty of really awesome beer. My husband and I opted for the VIP tickets, which gave us extra time to sample, a food ticket for each of us, and most importantly, quality time. It had been a long time since we’d been able to have a conversation that wasn’t interrupted by the kids.

To her credit, my friend who knows me so well, texted updates and pictures of the boys to let me know they were okay and having fun. It’s wonderful when you have people in your life who get you and are willing to do something so kind and thoughtful. I’m truly blessed.