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After our first attempt at a beach trip was pretty much ruined by roaming norovirus infestation and sleeplessness, we gluttons for punishment nevertheless persisted. The hotel we booked for our second trip is my favorite of all time, beachfront, awesome pool, fantastic suites, amazing restaurant and great location. We arrived on a Friday afternoon, taking our usual time to get down, stopping at a lovely family friendly brewery with a playground on site for lunch.

We brought our own pack & play this time, learning from our previous mistakes. We were able to set up a nice place for the baby to crash in the front room of our suite. We spent most of the time either in the pool, but I was able to convince my older son to come down to the beach to “meet a friend of mine” (aka, the ocean – Moana reference anyone? anyone? okay!).

He was hesitant at first, but then got to making sand castles with me at the shore line and enjoying the fun as the waves crashed over them. That evening we had dinner at the crab house with my in-laws, and the baby showed off his new eating skills by housing a lemon and two oranges from our drinks, as well as mangling an ear of corn and tasting some awesome blue crab.

That night, I took my older son in search of the fated Ferris Wheel, but when push came to shove, he was afraid of heights and wouldn’t go on. Instead we found plenty of other rides that were just as enjoyable, and rode them well into the night. We met lots of other fun moms and dads. One russian mom told me that her coffee cup was full of wine, making her my new hero.

Although I was beyond exhausted, we still had to walk back to our hotel. I ended up carrying my son for most of the trip, until we walked by a bus stop where some jackass decided to piss, and splashed onto my leg as we walked by. It was the longest four blocks of my life, followed by ridiculous scrubbing once we got back to the room. Even though I was sure I’d get no rest, the baby inexplicably slept until 5:00, which is almost unheard of these days. It was a true gift and one that I desperately needed after a long weekend with the boys.