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This year was supposed to be one of cutbacks. With a new baby and a change in careers for my husband, there was definitely going to be less money to go around. But that’s hard to explain to our older son, so we tried our best to make travel happen over the summer, as much as we could, so that he wouldn’t resent his brother for existing and stealing his fun. So, we cashed in hotel points where we could, booking our favorite hotels near the beach at least once.

The first trip to the beach was our very first as a family travelling anywhere overnight, save the few nights we spent over the holidays at my in-laws. The hotel was in a great location, and had plenty of amenities, like an awesome pool with swim up bar, and fun lounging hammocks, but they were sadly out of rollaway cribs. Had they actually called us even one day prior to our arrival, we’d have brought our own pack & play, but since they didn’t, we were stuck trying to co-sleep with the baby in a strange place while we were all in the same room.

The baby got up several times in the night, and by sunrise, I was completely exhausted. Inexplicably, as I’m rocking the baby trying to get him to go back to sleep, I became overwhelmed with nausea, and sure enough, managed to hand the baby off to my husband just in time before the subsequent stomach eruption. Whatever I had, knocked me down hard. I tried my best to tough it out, and I managed to rally a bit by midday. I got a short nap while the baby took his, and that helped enough to make me feel like dinner might be okay.

At the restaurant, we had a lovely time. The boys were incredibly well behaved, the baby tried all kinds of new foods, and my older son actually ordered off the adult menu. We had a lovely meal and after a few, we went back to our room and the nausea came back full force. I spent another hellish night handing off the baby to puke, and then not sleeping, and generally miserable. We had another full day booked, but with storms working their way up the coast, it looked like the best times we could have were behind us.

It wasn’t our worst trip, but it certainly could’ve gone a lot smoother. It won’t deter us, though. We’ve got another one coming in a month.