As many of you readers are aware, I schedule these posts to go out as part of a series, which allows me to showcase each one and also buy myself some time to get new ones done for the next series. The problem with that deal with myself is that I have not been shooting new photos to fill in the rest, and I’m left with not much in the way of new material.

So, as I was contemplating what to do with this, I decided to go back through the ones I’ve done over the years. WordPress tells me I have over 16 pages worth of Foto Fridays since the blog’s inception. As I went through to see what might still be viable from my archives, I realized my 3rd party hosting has somehow malfunctioned, leaving most of the old posts with an error message, which I had no idea about. As far as I can tell, anyone looking at older posts will probably see this error as well.

So now I’m left with this seemingly impossible task of trying to remember what each image was and going back to rescue and upload each one seems overwhelming and honestly, not something I really have the time to do at the moment. The only thing I can commit to doing is to continue writing and produce text posts for Fridays to replace that content. (I honestly have been contemplating not writing at all, but I don’t want to go down the road emotionally at the moment.)

So I leave you with an apology, friends, and a note of appreciation. I’m sorry about the technical problems and lack of preparation on my part. Thank you all so much for your dedicated readership, and particularly, the support of this blog feature, which has been easily the most popular component of my site. Until I can get this all sorted out, there won’t be any new pictures. I’m not sure I can even salvage the old ones, but I’m hoping to try to work on that at least. As always, I appreciate everyone’s time and support as I put my brain’s musings out there into the world. Like most things, this blog evolves over time, as do I. Thanks for holding my hand as I grow. I love all of you for it.