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Ya know, I gotta say, the world is not kind to corn chips. They’re usually really salty, high in fat, and not really many people’s food of choice. However, I have to say, that people need to give them a second chance. Here’s why:

  1. They travel pretty well. Unless you’re physically stomping on them, a pack of fritos in your bag will stay pretty much intact through the chaos of travel.
  2. They take longer to go stale. A bag of chips with even a whisper of air in it seems to go stale too quickly. Corn chips? Nah, bruh. If they last a week without being eaten, they’re still crunchy and delicious.
  3. Fewer make you fuller. The flipside of being a salty and high fat food is that you don’t have to eat much of them to feel the effects. Yes, the saltier they are, the thirstier you will be, but I don’t mind as I usually drink a ton of water anyway.
  4. They aren’t as messy as other salty snack options. My other go to is usually pistachios, but that’s a goddamn mess even under the best conditions. A tiny bag of fritos can be consumed one at a time with minimal crumbling.
  5. They are yummy af. So, maybe this is subjective, but I love them. And so should you.

So let’s embrace our love of fritos and snack on together, friendos! ❤