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I set an alarm for 6 a.m., not because I think I’ll need it. It’s a dare to the universe to let me sleep that long. Although we’ve integrated the boys to sleeping in the same room, no one has gotten the memo that they’re actually supposed to sleep there…ya know, ALL NIGHT?! Because they don’t. At all. Ever.

The baby is going through a sleep regression. I think. Maybe he’s teething. Maybe he’s just not feeling it. Who knows? He’s a baby, and even if he understood his behavior, he isn’t sharing the rationale with us.

So, we still split our nights, although it’s been more of “ugh, I just had a turn, can it be your turn” type splitting. We often have to come to the other parent’s aide to allow them (or force them) to tap out when the lateness of the hour and siren song of the pillow are just too tempting to feign politeness and patience with a fussy child.

One day, though, maybe I can sleep in long enough to hear the alarm. Because right now, it’s only a reminder that I can go start the coffee maker since I’ve already been awake for hours.