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For as much as my son looks forward to field trips at school, particularly riding on the bus (his favorite thing ever!), you’d never know it based on how he behaves on them. Pretty much since the beginning, he’s always come home with a mediocre report at best on how well he did. This last trip was, unfortunately, no exception.

The daycare schedules these trips once a month during nice weather months. I was so excited when they announced the trip would be to the Philadelphia Zoo. My son has been obsessed with the Madagascar movies so this would have been perfect for him.

Except it wasn’t.

The report I got stated that he had behaved so poorly, running off from the group, pitching a tantrum so bad the teacher had to pick him up and carry him kicking and screaming, etc., that he was no longer welcome on any future trips without one of his parents. Sigh…

So that sucks. My kiddo loves to travel, and I think these trips are good for him. But we travel with him a little differently, I guess. Not sure where the next one will be, but suffice it to say, if I’m taking a day off work, it isn’t going to be so I can ride on a cramped school bus with 40 kids. I’m taking him some place where he and I can have some one on one time together.