A few days ago, the hospital where I work made the front page of the local news. A video was leaked to the newspaper showing four of our hospital constables beating a man in their custody. The video, about 4 minutes in length, showed the four men restraining a man in an arm cast, then beating him as they tethered him to the wall like an animal.

The video was taken in February, but published in the paper about two months later. The men in question, and their two bosses, were summarily dismissed from their positions. The hospital’s reputation for serving the community, at a time when racial tensions in our country are at an all time high, has truly suffered.

It was hoped that in the coming weeks that the new hospital administration would roll out our new mission statement: to serve with love. In light of this news, though, I’m wondering if that idea (already grossly unpopular among staff) will be shelved permanently.

The mood at work has been awful. We all feel like more should have been done, sooner, and with more transparency. The public apology posted on the company’s website is a cookie cutter apology taken from the most basic textbook of media relations. It’s harder to come to work or tell people where I work, because of this incident.

Likely, the suit that will be inevitably filed will cost us our annual bonus. Four hothead cops who felt the need to flex their nuts at some random person will impact the lives of about 8,000 employees. Not to mention the permanent damage to our reputation for serving the community in general. I’m just so, so angry.