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We’re not a religious family, by any stretch of the imagination. However, living in the US has certain expectations that some holidays can’t be avoided. So, when Easter was rolling around, we were excited since my older son is finally old enough to really “get it.”

We had an extended weekend because the daycare was closed. We had every intention of driving downstate for a kite festival, but the weather was still rather chilly and very windy. I didn’t really want to be 2+ hours away from home with a cranky toddler and baby if things didn’t go down the way we’d hoped. So, we stayed in Good Friday.

Saturday we decided to go upstate to this place that has these tiny steam trains that kids can ride on. They were also hosting an Easter egg hunt, but my son could not have cared less about that. His priority is and has always been getting on that train. After the Easter egg hunt was over, the lines became unbearable so we left.

Our next stop was a nearby brewery that had opened up. The place was packed when we got there. We learned that they hadn’t intended to open until later in the day, but when one of the employees stopped by to do some lawn maintenance, she saw a line around the building and had to open early. To their credit, they handled everything beautifully, and the beer was awesome.

Easter Sunday, we hosted my in-laws for a meal at our house. They brought a ton of chocolate for the boys and had some quality time. It was a lovely day that really couldn’t have gone better. My MIL did bring up the idea of keeping the boys overnight sometime, which I am considering. The last time she had my son, it didn’t go very well, so I’m a little gunshy. However, he’s bigger now and can communicate better. The baby is relatively easy too, so I think they can probably hack it if they want to try. I know I could use the break.