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So, I just wanted to make another post to note the delay in my scheduled posts. If you’re a subscriber or regular reader, you’re getting posts from early spring in what will likely be mid summer. I’ve had a few people ask me if something’s wrong with the blog because of the timing. The short answer is no.

When I knew I was going to be out of commission for maternity leave, I made a decision to write ahead so I could schedule everything to be posted and have a backlog of thoughts that weren’t 4:00 pm contingent. It was easier for me to write my thoughts and have them waiting for the schedule to go out than to stress and try to meet an arbitrary deadline.

I hope this clarifies what my writing process has become. This arrangement allows me to continue writing at my own pace, and still keep up with my family. If you’ve been reading a long time, you’ll recall the many changes my life has gone through in the years since I’ve started hajisaurus. I’m so grateful for the ability to keep putting my thoughts out there to such a supportive audience. Thank you as always for your patience and readership. It means so much!