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Well, this post ended up going live blank originally. I had a distinct memory of writing it out, but who knows what the heck happened. And, now that it’s posted and done, I can’t remember the wit and creative writing I put into it. So here’s the executive summary.

It’s nighttime, and I’m up with the baby, sitting alone in the living room, trying to rock him to sleep. Our living room has a set of french doors that open to our deck, and I hear this distinct sound of someone or something trying to get the door open. Fear races through my body, thinking an intruder is trying to harm me and the little one.

The baby is still asleep in my arms, as I crawl, slowly over to the door. I don’t dare put him down, because if he wakes up and begins making noise, it will give us away. I make my way over to the light switch on the wall at a glacial pace, the noise continues, unaware of my presence. I flick on the light.

It’s a damn stray cat, sitting there looking quite surprised. Apparently this cat comes to visit our cats at night, and I’m the asshole for scaring him. A huge sigh of relief escapes me, finally, and then laughter, which wakes up the baby. But everyone’s safe and our new friend scampers off into the night to freak out another house in the neighborhood another day.