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I woke up feeling just awful. Nausea overtook me to the point where, if I hadn’t just been sterilized surgically, I’d swear I was pregnant. I felt light headed and icky but toughed it out to get out the door and through the day. I was exhausted, but no more than usual. By the time I got home, I hadn’t eaten, barely got anything done, and just wanted to rest. As my son was finishing a bottle before bed, he decided to bring everything he’d taken in back up, all over me. He puked on me so hard, my underwear was soaked and I thought for sure it was infecting my stomach stitches. Did I mention I’d just gotten out of the shower? Because that’s exactly where I was now headed to clean this mess off of me.

After everyone got settled in for the night, I hear my son get up from his bed. Fumbling for the doorknob in the darkness, I go to assist him to find him holding something in his other hand. What was it? Oh, just his dinner. Which he’d sprayed all over his bed, floor and himself. It was also all over the doorknob he wasn’t able to get open, bless him. He barfed again in the bathroom while I batted clean up and got him into fresh jammies.

The next day, we were all home sick. Well, my husband had to go an appointment out of the house, so we were on our own. All of us sick, just trying to keep it all together. The baby, as it would turn out, had a fever and needed to see the doctor for his very first ear infection. So on top of all that, he had to get ear drops and antibiotic for that. I was sick too, by the way, but ain’t nobody got time for that when there’s sick children to be managed. Ugh…