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To whom it may concern,

You don’t know it yet, but you’re about to make a new best friend. I’m sure every mom thinks her kid is special, but here’s why I think mine is:

He’s a very chill and easily calmed baby. He’ll stop halfway through a bottle and realize he’s in love with you. He’ll give up on sustenance and emote love so hard at you, it’ll stop you in your tracks.

When you change his diaper, he’ll light up with simple eye contact and coo over the moon contentment if you rub his belly. Bonus points if you nibble his toes. He’ll wrap his little legs around your arms and dare you to stop what you’re doing to admire his sweet attention.

He’s been very chatty these days, so please be sure to ask him his opinion of every little thing. He’s got a lot to say.

He definitely enjoys his face time, so engage him as much as you can. He likes cuddles with some gentle back pats or jiggles. This helps too if he has trouble settling on a feeding or going to sleep.

He still needs a swaddle to rest, so make sure you can give him that option. It’s better if you have white noise. His favorite nap position is on my chest but I doubt you’ll have that luxury. Please do what you can to enjoy his cuddles. They are so precious.

Most of all, tell him that I love him. And that I’ll be back soon. And that I’m sorry I have to share this part of his upbringing with someone else. But mommy has to work and it’s just the way things are.

Tell him that that he’s awesome and amazing and I can’t wait to see him again. But, then, while you have him, enjoy him. He’s a beautiful, loving bundle of warm, happy old soul. Let him bring as much light to you as he does for us. Hold him, please, while I can’t, so this village we choose continues to grow.

Love him as I love him, which is so easy, considering how lovingly he melts in your arms. Love him please, until I get back.

From: a working mom