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While the rest of the world was reeling by Donald Trump’s election to leader of the free world, things in my corner of the universe got louder than the national dialog. And yeah, I know, I should be paying more attention to that stuff happening outside of our front door, but Maslow’s hierarchy of needs should adequately show that the focus on our day to day life was more pressing.

What I mean by all that jumble, in real talk, was that my husband’s job got eliminated just weeks after we had our second baby and we were reeling on how to manage. Given the alternatives, we opted to have my husband go into business for himself, as an independent financial planner. There’s so much happening to make that go, and it’s hard to have faith that it will all work as planned.

As we lay the fragile construction down for this business for him, I’m doing my best to keep my chin up amidst the fears of the unknown. I’d gotten quite happy in my little rut that I’d had for the last ten years, and dragging myself out of it was harder than I expected. Doing so with a new baby and an ornery 3 year old was also more difficult than I expected, as well. I’ve never felt so exhausted in my whole life and it only gets more complicated from here.

So we take a deep breath, slowly exhale, and step out into this crazy idea that we’re making work, in a scary world of far too many variables beyond our control. And we hope for the best.