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Since we increased our family size, I’m finding it harder and harder to stay on task, like ever. In face, this post is a perfect example of not having adequate time to get anything accomplished. The time that lapsed between the note I wrote myself about the post and actually completing it is six weeks. I’m averaging that much gap in getting stuff done pretty much across the board.

I’m doing my best to hold it all together, but the anxiety is overwhelming. Beginning very soon, my life will be even more compartmentalized as I return to work. Not knowing what’s ahead in that arena only lends further agita to the situation.

The metrics for everything I do, minimum times needed to do anything, finding time to shower, eat, and care for my boys, let alone myself, grinds my functioning mind to a halt when I stop to think about it. Not that I have time to do much of that. On top of all that, I’m exhausted and my brain can’t be trusted to even finish a sentence half the time. I’m not sure how anyone does this on the long term. Maybe they know something I don’t.