The renewal notice for my blog showed up in my email, right on schedule. It renews automatically, and I didn’t really think anything of renewing it. When I started writing online, I was in a dark place emotionally. My family issues, which I’ve posted about extensively, were coming to a head and I needed someplace I could scream about it into the void. I don’t use my name or pictures of myself on the blog because I need this to be semi-anonymous. Writing is part of my catharsis, so I keep the blog up for my own reasons. Some of the people in my life who know about it will occasionally ask I make any profit from it and when I say I don’t, offer suggestions on ways to do it. Frankly, I’m not really interested in that. Having been down the road of trying to make money from my “talents” or “hobbies” hasn’t worked out for me. It takes away the joy I get from the activity if I have to do it for someone else’s dime.

So, as we move through another year, I’m proud that I’ve been able to keep this blog going for as long as I have, without missing much more than a day or two here and there. I’m grateful for my followers who keep visiting. I notice the stats when I login each time, and am happy when people seem to enjoy coming. A lot of my post hits are from the Draw Something archives, but there’s been some good stats around the Mudita post, which is pretty neat.

So, I’ll keep going, I suppose. I have been putting delayed posts in from my maternity leave so that I can push through the exhaustion, depression and anxiety that I’m working through. I’m muddling my way through this new territory and trying to figure out who I even am anymore. So much of my life has changed since I became a mother, and I lament the loss of sleep, but not much else.

Thanks for reading, guys. I appreciate each and everyone of you tiny little goofballs. ❤