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From my URL permalink, I’ve written twice already on gratitude. It doesn’t feel like enough, to be honest. I find that nothing feels as good as saying thank you to the people who pitch in to make your life easier. Expressing gratitude even for the smallest thing acknowledges the effort that someone has made, and I think it’s so important to call it ou.

I find myself thanking my older son for everything he’s done to make his little brother’s arrival easier for everyone. He’s completely embraced the new baby as one of our own, and his open heart teaches me so much about how I need to approach the world. He’s also so eager to share himself with his brother, and I’m so glad to see that he’s being so mature about it. He also pitches in to entertain him when we’re running around like crazy, like it’s second nature to him. Thank you, little guy.

I’m grateful to my husband for everything he does to make our home life easier too. We’re working together so much better now that we’re a foursome because we’re able to talk through our frustrations (maybe not in the moment, but we’re getting better at recognizing when we need have a break to emote). I’m happy that we decided to pursue his financial planning independency as a career instead of trying to go after another corporate job. Having him nearby, focusing on his dream, and being present in our day to day has been a godsend for me. Thank you, big guy.

Finally, to all my friends who’ve come out to support me, giving me the chance to take a break and be myself, who’ve been there to spend time with my kiddos, who’ve sent me supportive messages and love, my gratitude cannot be overstated. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. Thank you, friends.