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It’s probably the understatement of the year to say that I was pretty much useless during the later stages of my pregnancy. No one took the hit more on this than my son. He was going through his own needy development and I really had to hand off a lot of his management to my husband. 
We always schedule a beach weekend the week after Labor Day. The hotel rates are more reasonable, traffic is less and the water and weather are still warm and pleasant. Our favorite hotel has a fantastic kids pool and ocean access but also has a great amusement park across the street. The downside was that the amusement pay was closed for the season so the only thing my son wanted to do was go there and ride the Ferris Wheel. He literally must have asked to ride the Ferris Wheel a hundred times over the weekend. The asking only continued after we returned home. He pushed with such fervency that it became a rehearsed script between us. 
“The Ferris wheel is closed for the season. But after the baby comes, we’ll ride the Ferris Wheel. I promise.”
Then of course I had to make good on said promise. My due date was mid-October so all the carnivals would be done for the year. The amusement parks would also be closed. So, I turned to Reddit. They pointed me in the direction of the Capital Wheel in National Harbor. I’d actually been here for a conference a few years ago and remembered it being very family friendly. It was about two hours away so it was a gamble to go that far with such a little baby. 
So, 26 days after our baby was born, we piled inside our car for a trial by fire. In our family, travel and adventure is just what we do so it was something that we needed to do not only for our first born, but also to prove it to ourselves that we were back on track. Of course, getting out the door itself was a challenge. A wise mommy of two once told me that you can do anything with one kid. 
The baby slept most of the way, but woke up screaming bloody murder about 20 minutes before we arrived. It put such a strain on the ride because everyone was upset. After the baby calmed somewhat, my older son was still shaken by the ruckus and I wasn’t expecting it to have taken such a toll on him. 
When we finally got where we were going, we had an epic diaper change that needed to be done in the trunk of our car. Then we had to wait and give the baby something to eat. Stalling a 3-year-old was another challenge but we got through it. We loaded the baby into the stroller and headed down to the Ferris wheel. 
My son could barely contain his excitement. We managed to get all the way through the line and into the gondola before he realized we’d be going up into the air. Then he changed his mind. Apparently he’s afraid of heights. So, he clung in fear to my husband while we waited for the ride to be over. Luckily we didn’t get a request to ride again. 
We explored the area a while before heading over to Annapolis for lunch at Gordon Biersch. I wasn’t able to bring the baby stroller with us to the table so I had to hold the baby while we ate. I went to the restroom to change his diaper and had my first “second kid” moment when I had to ask a stranger to hold him so I could wash my hands. The woman could not have been nicer about it and was more than happy to help.
Our server was amazing too. She ended up holding the baby while so I could eat and was such a help. I definitely got the stink eye from a mom with her first baby at another table so I had to manage my mom guilt afterwards. But overall I have no regrets because the baby was just fine and I had a few minutes to eat. 
Our drive home everyone slept while my husband drove and we managed to get almost the whole way back before the baby woke up again. We figured his time in the car is about an hour and a half, which bodes well for thanksgiving. And we got to remind ourselves that we can make travel happen, even with two kids.