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When we brought home the new baby, I was terrified about how my son would react. Having been the singular focal point of my universe for so long, I knew that anything that took him out of that spotlight would not be so well received. Beyond that, he was entering a very egocentric age full of tantrums and wild unpredictability. After being out of commission during the pregnancy, we were all looking forward to “getting mommy back” but unsure how it would all shake out.

I will say, that he hasn’t taken any of his frustrations out on the baby. In his mind, the baby isn’t at fault for any of the time taken away. He does, however, put the blame and the brunt of his frustrations, solely on me. Rightfully so, too, I might add. I would rather him be angry with me than try to hurt the baby, but it does sting a bit when he owns up to it.

That said, he’s been a total champ with his brother. He often wants to help with him, hold him, hug and kiss him, and it just melts my heart. He says the baby’s full name, to everyone at school, with pride. Hearing his voice makes the baby very excited and so I hold great hope that they will be buddies.

I know it’s a lot to ask of a child his age, but I think he’s dealing with it as well as he can considering the circumstances. Maybe in time, he can forgive me too. But for now, I can take the brunt of his frustrations as long as he loves on his little brother.