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When my older son was born, we were in the hospital with him for four days. The “baby friendly” staff pushed hard on the breastfeeding, to the point where he was in a lot of trouble with jaundice and bilirubin levels that I finally gave up and started giving him formula. Since then, his weight gain has been consistently good, and he’s hit all his metrics and then some developmentally.

My younger son was born, nearly a full pound heavier, and got out of the hospital less than 48 hours later. He is bigger, but seems to be taking his time gaining back that birth weight. He sleeps better than his brother, though sometimes he likes to be held in your arms instead of put down. My older son had this problem, but it was staggeringly more needy on his end. With the new baby, I am able to get some rest, although, as I write this, I can say that’s changing too.

Physically, my children are nearly identical as young babies. Both were born with a shock of dark wispy hair. Both have long fingers and toes, my ears, nose and chin. Both make the same confused old man faces when they’re about to poo themselves or pass some adorable baby farts. Both are very chatty when awake and easy to sooth when you pick them up. Both are very cuddly, and take to strangers with ease.

I spent this gestation wondering what the new child would look like, and if he would resemble his brother. Seeing him born and taking shape in the days since we brought him home, I think they’re more along the lines of variations on a theme. Only time will tell how it will all shake out.