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It’s no secret that I hate my job. The so-called adult humans I work with are a rare collection of sociopathic, narcissistic jerkfaces who somehow have not yet committed a grievous enough offense to be put into a cage with their ilk, remaining instead like the paycheck drawing chair moisteners that our hospital has a penchant for collecting. And, while I should be more upset about this than I am, what I feel instead is resigned disappointment that I didn’t see it coming.

The incident I refer to in this post is a phone call I overheard between a coworker and a customer. To say I overheard the phone call is to emphasize that the caller spoke so loudly that I actually heard both sides of the insidious conversation, instead of just my coworker’s half. The caller in question had previously been to our office, peeking through my office door (which I keep mostly closed, out of avoidance of said assholes, and also because I keep my heater on as I’m always cold). She’s also screamed “HEY PREGNANT GIRL” at me across the parking lot once rumor got out and baby bump became noticeable. To say she lacks tact is an understatement.

So, when I overheard her asking my sworn enemy if she’d hoped I wouldn’t return from maternity leave, I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear my coworker cackle loudly how it would be “the best thing ever” if I didn’t. Ah, confirmation, within earshot, of how much I’m disliked. Nice. So very, very nice. Believe me, I’d love to be independently wealthy, and not need this job or to inconvenience others with my presence. I’d certainly love it if my husband wasn’t losing his job right after our child will be born, so that I could focus on being a stay at home mom, or at least work for less money so that I wouldn’t be here. But such things aren’t in the cards, sadly.

Truly, it would be pretty awesome if I didn’t come back from maternity leave, but I guarantee our reasons for thinking so are very different. She could go back to being the only person in this role, and I could never have to see her stupid face ever again. Being pregnant this time around, I have the benefit of realizing what my limitations are going to be, and if working this job means I can afford to provide a better life for my kids, you better believe I’m gonna suck it up and be here, even if it is an inconvenience for her.