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I found this book on some parenting book list. Maybe it was Buzzfeed, maybe Reddit, I forget now. But when I found out I was pregnant, I added it to my baby registry. A good friend sent it along with a new baby backpack (which is far superior in my opinion to the baby messenger bag system some people use for hauling their baby crap).

The book was a great find, as it turns out. It’s from the same authors as some other well known parenting books, but deals specifically with the dynamic between siblings. Considering we’re about to become a household with more than one kid, I needed advice. This book was FULL of it.

Not only was it a quick read, but the method it used for storytelling, citing people’s experiences from all sorts of perspectives, gave way to the ideas on how to bring up more than one kid in a loving home. It gave real time strategies, things that stuck with you so that when you’re in the middle of the conflict, your brain will hopefully remember and fire away.

We’ve already started using some of the tips mentioned. I passed along the book to my husband after I finished reading it and he’s already halfway through it as well. Although I know conflict is inevitable with small kids, I’m feeling better about it, having at least a few of the skills set forth in the book. I definitely recommend it to anyone considering having more than one kid.