2017 Resolutions:

  1. Go horseback riding – I know I say this every year but I’m still holding out hope that this might be my year. 
  2. Drink champagne at a fancy brunch – just cuz
  3. Take one family trip – with my husband’s old job, we used to be on the road at least once a quarter. Given our new circumstances, I’m aiming for at least one. I think it’s doable. 
  4. Read one book a month – this will be a stretch but something I can work towards 
  5. Learn a new skill – already registered for a class in project management 
  6. Sleep in one day – this will be the hardest one I think 
  7. Paint deck and fence – because it needs it. 
  8. Get back on track at the gym – balancing two kids, school and a job, fitness is easily ignored so I really need to focus on this one
  9. Get rid of studio equipment – extra stuff I don’t need or want anymore must be purged. 
  10. Family portraits – now that we’re a foursome, I need some awesome pictures with all of us in them
  11. 2016 photobook – I make one every year and I’m hoping to keep on that trend
  12. Make something with my hands – not sure what, maybe bread, maybe something else. I’m channeling my inner Ron Swanson and want to learn some wood working skills

Hope you guys have a great year!! Thanks for reading!