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Pregnancy hasn’t been all bad. As much as I complain, I’ve got a lot going for me. Staying grateful and humble has been a big key to surviving. I thought I’d make a (non-exhaustive) list so I can remember what’s been keeping me going throughout this process:

  • The genuinely happy look people get when they see me for the first time since I got pregnant. Not everyone does this, but there’s a few folks who’ve been hoping, praying, and sending their positive vibes my way when they knew I wanted to have another child.
  • My husband, who has really stepped up to help more with our son, because I simply just can’t do what I used to with him. Oh, and he buys me orange soda and pretty much any other ridiculous pregnancy craving request that I add to the grocery list.
  • My son, who aside from telling everyone how excited he is to be a big brother, has been a trooper when mommy simply can’t lay on the floor and play cars with him like I used to. He’s been a sweet, loving, and dare I say it, pretty easy to manage child during this process with little exception. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait to see him as a big brother.
  • Strangers who pick up stuff that I drop. This is happening more often, as I get clumsier and less agile over time. This goes double for people who wait patiently for me to figure out the words I’m trying to think of (curse you, baby brain!).
  • Pregnancy hair. Yes, everything else is a hot mess right now, but damn, my hair is looking good. (Although it will fall out in clumps a few weeks postpartum, so I’ve got that to look forward to…)
  • Chocolate chip muffins. The sandwich shop near my work has the best ones ever, and I will fight anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.
  • The yoga teacher who makes sure I’m okay and have alternate options during belly poses. She even comes by and rubs my shoulders a few times during class. It’s amazing.
  • Anything that makes me laugh out loud or cry because it’s just so nice. Both are great. Kindness and silliness make the world go round.
  • The taco restaurants near my job, for never judging me on what I order or how often I show up to do so.