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The boys went out today for a whole Saturday of activities and left me alone in the house. It’s not a bad thing, honestly. I get so tired nowadays, and I’m crabby, so not so much fun on our outings. But in the quiet time they gave me, which turned out to be like 6 hours total, I began what can only be described as nesting.

I was overcome with an undeniable need to scour the house of all dirt and disorder. I scrubbed the bathrooms. I dusted all the things. I vacuumed. I drudged up all the random bins I had around the house filled with things for me to “deal with later” and dealt with all of them. I found all the pieces to my son’s lego train, tracked down the assembly instructions with a little creative sleuthing and put it all back together. I organized all my scrapbooking nonsense and my son’s arts and craft projects from school. I did all the laundry. I purged so much stuff and was left with a respectable pile of “still needs attention” stuff.

Although the urge didn’t really go away, I ran out of steam for the day. I picked up again this morning at work, going through my desk drawers and pulling all the things that needed to be brought home or purged out. I even wiped down the insides of the drawers. I have my sights set on the linen closet at home next, and my closet needs to be purged as well. Because there’s a baby coming! And my environment must be made ready!!