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I’m at that phase of my pregnancy where I’m really showing. The news of the gestation has travelled at my job. I work for one of the largest companies in my state, so there’s lots of people who sort of know me. And they’re all coming out of the woodwork at the moment.

I should say, I don’t mind genuine well wishers. People who are happy for me, and want to come by and give their congratulations are fine and welcome. What I don’t appreciate are the pregnancy tourists. I had a group of women from another department come by my office suite while I was on the phone. All of them stood outside my door trying to get a peek at my growing baby bump.

I don’t understand this behavior, honestly. It’s dehumanizing, realizing people only see you as a fetus-holder. And gaping for a glimpse of a baby bump like children at the zoo just makes me angry. Ultimately, they didn’t get the opportunity to see anything because I was doing my job and on the phone at the time. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try again.

These are the same folks telling me that I should grin and enjoy this blessed occasion. For them, I can see why. They aren’t the ones going through it. They don’t wake up in pain and discomfort every day. They aren’t the ones who have dwindling comfortable clothing. They have no fear of stretch marks and the need for a cesarean delivery. They just want to watch the sideshow and gawk at the life I’m about to produce.