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I had my second trimester ultrasound today. I’m exactly 20 weeks, which means I’m halfway there. Obviously the further along I get, the less chance I have of miscarrying, which although unlikely, is never far from the constantly worried mind of a pregnant lady.

The doctor’s office where I had my appointment is in, arguably, the most beautiful medical building in the state of Delaware. It’s got all these luxe details, even in the elevators, which I find comforting and calming as I go to check on my little fetus.

We’d gotten the results from the genetic testing so I knew it was a boy. The rest of the information, though, was important, because living in the time of Zika virus and fears about lost heartbeats and non-viability are still very real. Luckily, there was nothing to be worried about. The findings on the ultrasound were all very good, and the doctor told me I’m “too healthy” to need to come back for another appointment.

There’s probably nothing more liberating than the satisfaction of feeling that you’re healthy, your baby is healthy, and you’re doing everything right. Walking out of the building, the song “Beautiful Morning” from Oklahoma rings in my head as I leave. A weight is lifted from my uterus, knowing me and my little one are going to be okay.