I’m writing a few months of posts in advance, just as a head’s up to my regular readers and subscribers. By the time this post goes live, I’ll hopefully be in labor or near it with my second child. As exciting as terrifying this transition will be for me and my family, it’s foolish of me to think I’ll be able to remember what day it is, and what on earth I can post for you lovely readers.

So, instead of writing about the pregnancy in real time, I jotted down several months worth of posts, which will appear here in our regular intervals. (Or at least I hope so, that I’ve scheduled them correctly.) What follows are my real time struggles, saved for posterity and savoring whilst I manage a new life at home, and the transitions that go along with sibling rivalry, further experiments into sleep deprivation, conflict and, hopefully, the humor and wit you’ve come to expect from me.

I ask for your patience while I try to bounce back. Regular (real time) posts should resume early next year. I’m still following for comments and likes, so feel free to share your opinion with me as we move along the way. And, as always, thank you for reading. Much love, the pregosaurus!