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Things are weird at my job right now. Not that there’s such a thing as a normal day, mind you. But, it started off like any other day, and went into this weird zone of rudeness, yelling and subsequent awkwardness that I can’t quite understand.

Anyway, here’s the facts: I got an email from someone asking a question. I emailed back an answer to this question. They emailed me back with some work, that upon review would require me to send to my coworker as it fell under her responsibilities, which I did. Her decision was to respond back to me with a rude comment how I should have sent the question to her first, and carbon copied our boss at 4:30 on a Friday. I read the message first thing Monday, give it a heavy dose of eye rolling, but decide against responding.

Later that day she’s gone from the office and the boss comes down to tell me I need to be at a meeting I normally don’t attend because this coworker is going to be out of the office that day. How I was supposed to know that she needed me to cover, I don’t know, since she didn’t ask me, which I say to the boss. He told me I should have asked him, again, not clear how I should know this, but okay, fine. Then he says that the email was “the most childish thing he’d ever read between two coworkers, ever” and that we’d have a meeting to discuss “BOTH” of our behavior in it later that day.

I do my best to remain calm, because I didn’t do anything wrong. And I’m pissed because I’m getting yelled at for her nonsense, and have to cover her meeting, and I’m somehow coming out the asshole here.


Anyway, the rest of the day goes by and no meeting takes place. So, I just sit quietly in my office until it’s time for me to go. I sleep like garbage, figuring the next morning will be a further ambush and character assassination. But, nothing is said. I have no idea if we’re going to get this lecture and all my carefully prepared quips are going unsnapped. Sad face.


Two days later, boss man decides I need to write a policy for him. It should only take you two seconds, he says. Oh, the topic in question is only something we’d been working on crafting for the last 7 years, and never got ourselves anywhere close to a consensus. But sure lemme just pull that out of my ass.


Later that afternoon, he’d go on to forget a standard practice we’ve had in the office, one he’d written himself, and gaslight me into thinking I’m completely crazy. Now, I’m sure I’ve made my share of mistakes, but this one we’d had in place a long time, and was actually published in writing on our website. I toy with the idea of whether I want to poke this bear again, given how cranky he’s been this week already. But if I don’t, and this change of heart on this policy becomes known, we’ll have a lot of confusion to deal with later. battles

So, I send a link to the document he wrote where we have this cited in black and white, phrasing as delicately as possible that we’d need to revisit this as well, if he wants to make that standard from now on. The next day, he says nothing about his previous (read: WRONG!) stance.  Instead, he asks me to do my coworkers job since she’s out on vacation. Oh and that two second policy I wrote is all kinds of wrong, so we need a meeting next week to fix it.


So Friday rolls out to a completion, and I walk out the door feeling like this week has aged me twenty years. I know I won’t get a thank you for covering for my coworker, only a complaint I’m certain, that I’ve somehow caused some grievous offense by following the boss’ instructions. The policy I wrote, I realize, was actually assigned to the boss, so for it not to be exactly has he’d dreamed it up in his mind and forcing him to review and give it more than “2 seconds” attention, makes me the asshole. I really need a new job.