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A few weeks ago, I joked with a few friends about how the lead singer for Modest Mouse’s car accident (where literally no one was hurt and only a few cars damaged when he fell asleep at the wheel) was nothing short of ironic, given how often cars (at least one accident) are mentioned in his music. If you’re a fan of their songs, you’d probably agree with me that their lyrics have the tone of nihilistic sarcasm. There was a bit of joking on the web to about this event and some fans got really upset. I’d like to think that Brock would probably not care and may even find it humorous too. Maybe not, I don’t know him. But I’d like to think that a guy who writes a lyric “gonna take this potted plant to the forest and set it free” might see the humor there.

Anyway, not long after that my own commute was snarled to a crawl by an event that seemed to topple the cosmic humor of the previous event. A truck carrying unminted pennies overturned on the highway, spraying them everywhere and closing the road to the morning commute. What I know about pennies, and their manufacture are relatively limited. However, I do know that pennies are, by economic standards, more expensive to produce than they are worth. I also know that if they were actually still made of copper, the accident on the highway would be more worrisome than it was because you’d have every scrapper and meth head that’s been busted taking stuff like that to be cashed in. So the highway being sprayed with a worthless coin, that hadn’t yet even been minted yet, snarling everyone’s commute to their wage slave job had a bit of cosmic irony that I’m sure Brock would have appreciated.

That said, it slowed traffic in our small state for almost an entire day while clean up efforts took place. All of which would have been prevented if we eliminated pennies as a form of currency like our neighbors to the north. But, nonetheless, I put on some Modest Mouse as I crawled into work that day, and felt that this bit of time suckage was somehow cosmic payback for my earlier smirking at Brock’s accident.