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Today began, as one could delicately state it, sub-optimally. We had a crazy weekend with my son, taking him to his first concert (a whole other nightmare I’ll post about when my vocabulary returns to me). Staying in a hotel with him is essentially saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead, for tonight, I’m going to be kicked and punched by a semi-lucid toddler.”

Arriving home, we had difficulty getting him to adjusting to sleeping in his bed again. It took forever to get him to go to sleep, and even then, he woke up screaming (his new favorite thing) four times in the night. My son has never been a good sleeper, and some nights are just hell. Last night was one of them.

So today, after a long weekend of what should have been rest, I drug myself out of bed knowing I was going to struggle. Sitting at my desk that morning, I had the curious development in my vision. It was like a short curved band of pixelation over the not so distant horizon, blurring whatever I was trying to read on the screen. I closed one eye, then the other, yet the band remained, leading me to deduce that it was likely the beginning of a migraine. Yet, there wasn’t any pain.

My boss came down to talk to me about something, and his face began to deconstruct as we were talking. It was like watching a scene in a movie where the protagonist unwittingly tries to navigate various social situations whilst tripping on acid. I did my best to hold my own, answer his questions and pray that this distortion of my vision wasn’t a tumor on my optic nerve or anything.

A coworker came down to say hello, and my mind erupted into waves of agony, washing from behind my right frontal lobe, down through my sinuses and across my face. Words failed me. I began to feel almost high, but not in the fun, party way. It was like having a psychic break. I apologized, saying I think I was getting a migraine. I hated to admit any kind of failing such as this, because my coworkers tend to pounce on my weaknesses. But given the garbling of my speech, and obvious wincing, it would be difficult to explain it away as anything else. Nausea was setting in and I knew I had to leave.

Luckily my vision held out long enough for me to drive home. I managed to crawl into bed, and slept for about 3 hours (which is why this post is late going up). I’m nursing the aftermath of it now, which feels like a hangover without any of the fun drinking to go along with it. I would have slept longer, but my son will need to be picked up from school soon and there’s no room for a headache when you’ve got kids.