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We got the news last week that my husband’s going to lose his job at the end of the year. We’d suspected as much based on some of the other announcements that his employer had put out recently. Still, it’s come as a pretty big shock.

I’m going through the natural reactions I think, sadness, anger, fear and concern. But mostly, I’m just resigned to a sense of exhaustion over it. We’ve been through this before, after all. Working in his field, it’s not uncommon to be laid off. You’d think we’d get better with time, but no.

The truth of the matter is that while we can swing most of our expenses on my salary, we can’t do all of it. This is the scariest part, because we’ll have to ask for financial assistance from his family, or dip into our nest egg, or both. I’d rather not do any of these things. I hate asking for money.

I’m certain that he’ll find something. The question becomes when. Our lives have gotten much more expensive since we started a family. There’s certain expenses that just can’t be done away with. So, my head is full of worry these days. I’m trying to focus on the positive, but not finding much.