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As I posted before, we’ve had…difficulty with our office fridges. I decided to roll the dice and put my leftovers in the fridge anyway. My colleague boxed them up for me, since I was handling some of the other clean up, so she forgot to mark the box with my name. It was just a bunch of meatballs in sauce, no big deal, right?

Well, I like my meatballs with spaghetti, and I ran out of time to order some from the pizza shop across the street. So I got something else yesterday and made some pasta at home to bring into work today.

So I got to put my plate together to warm up to find that someone had eaten my damn meatballs. Because they weren’t labelled with my name on them, they were fair game to everyone. And now they’re gone. And I’m left with sauceless spaghetti and the hatred like the fire of a thousand suns.