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We have two small fridges in my office at work. I typically don’t bring my food to work, because I look forward to the break that going off campus gives me. But occasionally, I’ll stash leftovers from our catered meeting or bring something in if I’m in the mood.

I came in a few weeks ago to find that someone had not closed the door to the one fridge completely. Overnight, the fridge defrosted itself leaving a worrisome puddle on the floor for me to find that morning. All the food had to be pitched and I was really annoyed that I had to clean up after these supposed adults.

Well, this morning, it happened again with the other fridge. Only it was done, I assume, deliberately. The fridge had been emptied and set to a warmer temperature, but no one put down a tray to catch the runoff. So puddled water again spilled all over the floor.

I wasn’t the one to find it, as I was scheduled to be here a little later this morning. However, tonight is our catered meeting, and I was hoping to pack up some leftovers for the week’s lunch. I’m not feeling very trusting that the fridges will go uncompromised before the morning, so I’m torn about bringing leftovers home with me or letting the kitchen terrorists win and not saving myself some yummy meatballs.