I craved a breakfast sammich this morning, so I stopped at the bagel shop to grab one on my way into work. I normally order a taylor ham (pork roll), egg and cheese on an everything bagel. I ask for an extra egg, and to have them scrambled so that there’s no runny insides which gross me out. I also like to have the bagel toasted, which they’re usually happy to accommodate.

But today, something magic happened.

The guy must have misheard me or misread the ticket, because when I picked up the bag with my sandwich in it, it felt a bit heavy. I get to the office and open it up to find that they included another bagel. An everything bagel. Toasted. With butter.

My inquiry for the sandwich bagel to be toasted resulted in a free extra bagel. They definitely didn’t charge me for it either. So I got two breakfasts for the price of one. Winning!!!