I had my yearly evaluation on Friday with my boss. I’d previously stressed over filling out the self-evaluation component because I wasn’t really doing much differently. I didn’t want to just copy and paste what I’d written before, so I took one my boss had written about me and made it first person, with a few minor tweaks. When he complimented me on how well it was written, it was difficult to keep a straight face.

Regardless of the content of my self-evaluation, though, there was much to discuss. The changing of our industry, the reorganization of several departments within our organization, the drop off in production in our office, and certain upcoming personal milestones took up most of our conversation. I say conversation, but really, my boss just likes to talk at people, and you listen to pick up relevant information.

What I assume he wasn’t counting on, was that I came in with a sort of mission. I’d recently gotten “the fear” of how we might be made obsolete by these changing regulations and wanted to have some sort of viable exit strategy, certainly when, but also if they came to fruition. I’d been entertaining the idea of project management as a career change, seeing how there were so many of these jobs available now. All I needed was to get some experience.

Our organization offers this training for free, if one has management support and permission, so I brought that as a suggestion for our meeting. My plan was to ask for this training through our employer first, and barring that, to seek it from an outside source. The boss examined the idea carefully, then asked about cost (luckily, none) and commitment (not until next summer, so we had time to plan). Our evaluation time took me right up until quitting time, so I didn’t have time to send him the information via email. But once I sent it this morning, I got his blessing. So, I’m on my way to getting myself on a new track and I’m really hopeful it will bring about some positive change.