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So, I put in two applications for new jobs internally a few weeks ago. The fear of losing my job next year has gotten to me and I need to figure out something else. Beyond that, my current department’s environment has become beyond toxic. I discovered a spreadsheet where my “colleague” had saved on a shared drive¬†documenting how she’d planned on throwing the rest of us under the bus. The suspicion I’d had that she was doing this confirmed just reinforced my need to remove myself from a situation where I simply can’t win anymore.

But as hopeful as I was about these positions, I’ve heard nothing back beyond the automated response acknowledging the receipt of the application and resume. It’s hard to keep hope up that something will come along. I know it’s only two applications, but I had figured I’d at least hear a rejection of some kind by now. Instead, it’s just been silence.

I posted previously how my position will likely be on the chopping block in the next year, so the timeline to get out is even more pressing. I’d rather hear, thanks but no thanks, than nothing at all.