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I had a crown put on a while back, and it’s never really settled right. They said to give it time and the gums would grow up to cover the sore spots. That’s never really happened. So, I have to chew on the other side of my mouth and I can’t even use my super expensive mouth guard, because the new crown doesn’t fit inside it. As a result, I’m grinding my teeth again while I sleep, which does so much good for my other teeth, jaw, morning headaches, and general stress.

I had a check up today for a cleaning, and naturally, as the hygienist worked on that tooth, it was nearly intolerable. The dentist came in to take a look and said that we’d need to go back and redo it as a root canal. (Which he could have done in the first place, but decided not to for some reason.)

So, I got charged an arm and a leg to do all this work to a tooth that’s not right. Then I get to go back and get charged for more (root canals are way more expensive), to get it fixed. Yay.