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Most of the major roads in Delaware have two lanes in one direction. I think it’s because our state is very flat and close together and congested at times so this is supposed to help people out. What I’ve found is that this only increases lazy drivers and stupidity. My husband jokes that the idiots on the road seem to find me, because when I’m driving, all the reckless asshats out there try to kill me, but this never really happens to him. And he spends a lot more time than I do on the road.

Today was no exception. My commute is about 20 minutes, give or take, to get from my house to my job. Many of the roads are two lanes, so I tend to stick in the right lane, so that faster moving cars can go on without tailgating and what not. As I round the last turn, I’m in the right lane, with another car just behind me in the left lane. We are literally the only two cars going our direction. The speed limit on this road is 50 mph, which we are both doing. Yet, inexplicably, a car leaving a shopping center using a merge lane (with a lovely red YIELD sign, indicating we have the right of way), decides not to even look as she pulls out right in front of me.

Normally, if I have the ability to do so, I’ll pull into the left lane, but not really an option this time. I also would normally slam on my brakes if I can’t move into another lane, watching my bags fly off my seat and scatter my stuff onto the floor. Not today, though, I think to myself. I have time to brake, but figure I’ll just take my foot off the gas and let my car drift behind her close enough to let her know what a stupid move this was on her part. I had plenty of time to brake, if need be, and was poised to do so when I got close enough. But before I could do that, she must’ve noticed me and the other car come up behind her rather quickly.

Inexplicably, she actually pulled over to the shoulder and let us pass, which was odd. I guess I spooked her a bit, or maybe she just wasn’t paying attention and figured she could pull out wherever she damn well pleased without consequences. I didn’t honk at her or even get angry when she cut me off. I just got close enough to let her know another human being was there too and she reacted beautifully. She did pull back in behind me right after we passed, but stayed a fair distance from me the rest of the ride into work. Maybe I made a difference today, maybe she noticed a car that was closer than she expected and decided to drive safer. Or, maybe I extracted a bit of petty revenge on the douchebags out there who think they can do whatever they want and other people will get out of their way.