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It’s the time of year again: Self evaluations. Not the fun, Buzzfeed style which cheesecake slice are you kind of self evaluation. The one I have to do for work, where I have to come up with some bullshit to justify myself for another year.

Usually, we have a long time to work on them. There’s an automated system that sends out reminders way in advance so I have time to finish up projects that would look good on the evaluation. But this year, that system malfunctioned and we only have about two weeks to finish up.

A lot of tasks got taken away from me this year because we hired a new person and we wanted to redistribute the workload. But nothing new got assigned in its place. My existing workload has also dropped off in terms of new stuff coming in. There’s been a lot of changes in other departments, so the usual flow is disrupted somewhat.

I’m not really sure what to say, other than I need this job still, and more importantly, its benefits. My boss has been telling people that he’s going to retire in the next few years so my future here is unclear after that. I’m hoping to get one more year under the radar before any big changes get made. But we’ll have to see.