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Our spring has been plagued with abnormally chilly and rainy weather. Normally by this time of year, we’ve had a lot of that nice temperate spring weather. Sunny days and mild temperatures are usually the norm, and we can enjoy outside time before the heat waves kick in. Even up until earlier this week, temps were inexplicably in the mid 50’s.

As someone who’s forever cold, this was so upsetting for me. Knowing we’d probably jump into the yucky humid garbage the eastern seaboard is known for wasn’t much consolation. The other downside was that with winter “over” it was harder and harder to rationalize for my son why he can’t go play outside. The lawn was overgrown because the weekends were always rainy and the grass was out of control.

But finally, we caught a break. The weather got nice again, and we’ve been able to get outside more. And, with the extra sunlight, we’re all a bit happier. Vitamin D for the win!