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We just got back from a quick trip to Disney. Our travel plans for the year needed to happen in the early part of the year, so we tried to cram as much as we could into three days. The result was pretty awesome, I must say. We’ve been three times now and I feel like we’re really hitting our stride.

The parks were great. The weather was hot, but tolerable considering it was unseasonably cold in the northeast. We had a lot of fun. I even got my son to do one of the character meet & greets for exactly three seconds before he freaked out and ran away. But he did hug Joy from Inside Out for a second and I was able to snap a pic of him doing this. I didn’t document the tantrum that would follow for obvious reasons.

But, the best part of the trip was the resort. I actually don’t want to tell you guys what hotel it was because I’m afraid it will be overrun by the types of people I’m trying to avoid. I’m not sure why, but the resort had a noticeably high number of British folks and their families staying. It was great. They were all so lovely and polite and everyone knew how to queue properly. It really made it so much better for us, because while the parks were overrun by school trips and unruly mobs of families, the hotel was a respite of soft tones and gentle children with lovely parents.

So, thanks you lovely Brits, for making our trip so enjoyable. I raise my pint to you! Cheers!