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As I’ve posted many times before, I’m estranged from most of my family of origin. This makes holidays like Mother’s Day particularly tricky for me. It was harder when I didn’t have a family of my own. But since my son was born, and I myself became a mother, it got a lot easier. Normally I just want to go on lockdown for the day. But this year, I thought I could stomach going out.

This year, we went to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch with my in-laws. The problem, which we’ve brushed against in years past, is there’s a marathon downtown that overtakes a large part of the streets nearby, but we’ve always been able to get to the restaurant’s parking lot. This year, for some reason, this was not happening. Not only would the police not let us through, they actually told my in-laws the restaurant was closed! Um, no. No they’re quite open, but anyway. We ended up in a paid parking garage three city blocks away, which was incredibly hectic to walk in heels with a cranky toddler. We were late for our reservation by about ten minutes because of this. It was awful.

Because we brought my son with us and they finally got us set up at a lovely table in a quiet section outdoors under large awning. Since there were five of us, the table was off from the others, which gave my son a bit of leeway when he needed to get up and walk around a bit. (He didn’t wander much, but not having other tables to worry about was really awesome.)

My husband and I dine here often, so the items we wanted weren’t part of the Sunday dinner menu, but common items from the Saturday lunch menu. They were able to accommodate that just fine. However, my in-laws took our “off menu” ordering to mean they could ask for anything they could think of, including a side that the restaurant didn’t even have, to my knowledge. Somehow they managed to accommodate this. I have no idea how.

The food was amazing and service was impeccable. We talked with the server about the marathon, which was finally letting up, and some traffic was allowed through. He brought us free dessert and a parking pass to see if we could make a dent on the garage fees. I couldn’t have asked for a better resolution to the problem.