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Living in Delaware, we have pretty much developed seasonal allergies from day one. It was no surprise when my son began experiencing the same symptoms. So when he was old enough, we began him on a regimen of children’s claritin, with our pediatrician’s blessing. He’s three now, so as spring approached and he began having the usual stuffiness, coughing and itchy eyes, we began giving the daily meds. This weekend, though, it seemed to be getting worse. He was producing a lot of eye gunk (it’s a scientific term), so we hauled over to Urgent Care.

Luckily for us, there was almost no wait. But the process to get the kiddo examined in the eyeballs is extremely stressful. He had to get held down so they could put dye in his eyes to make sure no damage had been done to his cornea from all the rubbing and scratching he’d been doing. It was terribly traumatic for him, but luckily no damage was visible. The doctor prescribed a medication, drops, which gratefully only needed to be dosed as a single drop twice a day in each eye for a week. We did have to clean his eyes with warm compresses before dosing, which was almost as bad. This kid hates having his eyeballs messed with. (Don’t we all?)

But the other joy, having this diagnosis on a Sunday night, was that he’d have to stay out of daycare for two days. So, I drew the short straw and had to eat the PTO/unplanned absence at work, since my husband had appointments that couldn’t be moved. But that was the worst of it. Having time off with my kiddo is a gift, even though it’s a ton of work. It was great to have the quality time to be with him, even if he wasn’t 100% well.

We had a nice two days off, given the circumstances. We did have nice weather, sun and warm temperatures, so we spent a lot of time outside. But then he reached the point of no longer being contagious, so the doctor’s note would have us believe, and is back to school, happy as a clam. I get up this morning to gunk in both eyes. Guess I managed to pick it up after all.