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I live in Delaware. I get a bit of ribbing about it from friends who live in other states, mostly because we’re a small state no one really pays much mind too. In fact, it wasn’t until Joe Biden became the Vice President that we got any kind of national attention at all.

We have three counties. We’re the first state (in that we were the first to ratify the constitution, because Philadelphia is closer to us than it is the capital cities of any other state at the time). We don’t have sales tax. We have only 3 electoral votes. There’s not a lot to write home about.

In true fashion of our state’s nonsensical existence, I read an article today on the scariest urban legends, state by state. Colorado’s airport gets an occult temple. Connecticut has melon head aliens. We get a sneezy ghost. Seriously?

Here’s the story from the website, Thought Catalog, (link here).

So they say, there used to be a Dover judge by the name of Samuel Chews; who people mocked relentlessly for his last name. They would fake sneeze in his presence, or refer to him as “Ah, Chew!”

Even after his death, the mocking continued, with some of the townspeople warning that taunting the dead could bring ill omens to the town. And it did.

Mr. Chews was said to personally haunt everyone who had made fun of him, and set them into uncontrollable fits of sneezing. Someone later had the bright idea of reburying him in a very pompous and honorable burial, which seems to have quelled much of the trouble.

Seriously, a dude with a funny last name haunts people by making them sneeze. I’m not saying we’re a state of badasses, but this speaks for itself.