I’m attending a seminar on childhood sexual abuse today. It’s a program conducted with state funding with some lofty goals of reaching thousands of healthcare workers. The issue is that when it was rolled out here, the hospital mandated that we use vacation time to attend. This is a departure from practically all other education offerings that we have available.

When I asked my boss for permission to attend, he seemed rather irritated by the request but I persisted. He insisted I email the entire office about where I would be, which was fine except the severity with which he demanded it. He’s been scrutinizing my calendar lately, which is irritating and condescending. The program itself was very helpful, albeit a bit uncomfortable to sit through.

But I was saddened that so few actual clinicians attended. Perhaps it was covered for them elsewhere but the program’s emphasis of advocacy by shining daylight on the problem seems missed by the population captured. The most disheartening aspect was how families cover up and deny abuses. If you’d like to learn more, visit http://www.d2l.org