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When my little guy was born, he had a thick head of dark brown hair. It would fall out a few months later, and be replaced with a tuft of light blonde hair, matching my own. It didn’t all fall out at once, so towards his 9th month or so, he had a few sad straggling dark long hairs, which I summarily snipped while he wasn’t looking. It was his “first” haircut.

Since then, we’ve tried taking him to this kid’s place a few times for trims. He’s pretty much only been good once, and every time since then, he’s screamed and pitched a fit to the point where we couldn’t proceed. An attempt to take him to a proper salon was met with similar results. I was mortified.

I bought a home clipper set, and had been just shearing him like a sheep when it got too long. This too was an entirely ridiculous process, and increasingly stressful. I was running out of options. His hair was getting super long, and itchy for him, so I tried to reason with him about the kids haircut place again. I promised him all the time he needed to warm up, and plenty of treats during and after, if he’d just comply.

To be honest, when we got there, he had still been refusing all the way over in the car. I hoped beyond hope that we might be able to work something out. Luckily, they weren’t quite open yet, so we waited at the door with another mother and her son. My kiddo had a chance to look inside, and I pointed out the cool carousel seats they had as an option. I also promised I would hold him in my lap, if he wanted.

Luckily, this time, we got a great stylist, who was incredibly patient (and fast) with my son. He sat dutifully in my lap as she worked with him, gently spraying the water away from his eyes, and cutting as quickly as she could. He had one lollipop during the haircut and another immediately after. I was so grateful, because not only was it a positive experience for him, but his haircut looked so amazing.

I have no idea how the next one will go, but hopefully this experience was good enough to let him consider another down the road. He’s got school pictures this week, so who knows if he’ll participate in that. It might be too much to ask of him. But, at least he’ll look and hopefully feel better about his hair. And maybe produce a smile.