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There’s a new Chik Fil A restaurant opening next to my job. I’m pretty happy because I like their food, but not their politics. When they built it, they added another lane to the road getting into the entrance to the hospital where I work, and they’ll be adding a gas station too, which is pretty cool.

The restaurant opens tomorrow, so I expected some kind of fanfare, but didn’t realize that meant a bunch of weirdos camped outside in literal tents. Yes, some crazy people are all setting up outside to be the very first to get into some Chik Fil A. I guess there’s some sort of contest to get unlimited free food or something, but even then, the kind of people who do this aren’t the people who probably should be. They have expensive looking gear, and given the average number of panhandlers nearby, I’d figure they’d be the first to jump on it.

The part of me that loves chaos wants to go down there and tell them they’ve missed out. I want to make up some story about how they don’t give out free food anymore, and they’re all going to be arrested. I want to stir shit up a bit.